Texas State Team Championship

Darts Texas Style

The T.S.T.C. proudly extends invitations to all Texas Dart Teams to join in competition for the title of 2018 Texas State Team Champion (T.S.T.C.). The 15th Annual Championship Tournament will be held over the weekend of August 23rd and 24th in Houston, Texas.

Lite House Pub will certainly be on hand to try and defend their crown as the 2017 Texas State Team Champions and we are confident that most, if not all, of the other 2017 teams will be throwing their best to take it away from them. A total of 23 teams from across Texas competed in August 2017 for the title.

A Team Match style of competition is rather unique at tournament level. Previous T.S.T.C. tournaments convinced us all that the overall theme for the T.S.T.C. is the way to go. Texas teams meeting Texas teams provides for serious darts, powerful team spirit and an unsurpassed level of excitement for all!

The requirements are simple. Put together an 11-player (7 men and 4 ladies - Only 9 players: 6 men and 3 ladies may participate in any one match) team of current Texas residents from the same locale. Come up with the $450.00 Registration Fee (if paid by August 16, 2018 or you can pay $500.00 at the door on August 23rd). Complete a Registration and Team Roster form. Get it to us a couple of weeks before the event (August 16th at the latest)...then practice, practice, practice.

We emphasize the fact that this competition is open to all teams meeting the entry requirements. Teams are welcome to complete for themselves, for their Association, or their "Home Pub", etc.

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